Burning Man
Honorarium Grant,
2023- Current
Co-lead Artist, Producer
1000 Hands large-scale artwork.

Amazon Prime | Activation March 2023
Producer, Artist
Artist staffing and activation creation.

The Fire Visualizer
| Project Premiere Feb 2023
Director, Producer
4-tiered rubens tube; flame sound wave simulator.

The Contemporary Museum | Commission, 2022
Director, Producer, Artist
The Enchanted Wishing Well is an interactive, custom-fabricated art experience.

The Spindrifter | Project Premiere 2022
A large scale, collectively-produced floating “art raft” that exhibited on town lake.

Literati | Commission, 2021
Director, Producer
The Learning Tree of Light was a large-scale commissioned wooden art piece.

Pyrotex | Commission, 2021
Producer, Artist
Entryway installation artwork for a specialty showcase.
The Cheswatyr Foundation | Grants, 2022 + 2021
Director, Producer
Creating experiences combining music and exhibition.​​​​​​​

Northwest Neighbors | Project Premiere 2019
Director, Artist
A personal project weaving in storytelling, found film and interactive sounds. View the archive here.

Spread Art Gallery | Brooklyn | 2012
Featured Artist
Showcasing of 50+ photos in a group gallery setting.

Fordham University Gallery | NYC | 2011
Solo Show
Senior thesis showcase Glow Point; showcasing of 100+ photos in installation format.
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