Maria Gotay

Artworks & Comissions


I’m a creative without bounds. You can catch me creating in any medium.

This is just a limited sample of the works and projects I’ve been honored to work on!

Burning Man | Honorarium Grant 2023

Co-creator, Lead producer; 1000 Hands large-scale artwork

Client: Burning Man

The Fire Visualizer | Feb 2023

Director, Producer; 4-tiered rubens' tube

Client: Art Island ATX

Umbrella Tree Canopy | 2023

Creative Producer

Client: The Contemporary Laguna Gloria

Enchanted Wishing Well | 2022

Director, Producer

Client: The Contemporary Laguna Gloria

Prime, TX @ SXSW 2023

Producer: Artist staffing and activation

Client: Amazon Prime

The Spindrifter | 2022

Producer; Build, promo, activation

Client: Art Island ATX

Pink Warehouse Closing Party, 2023

Curator, Lead Producer

Client: Art Island ATX

Austin Edge @ SXSW 2024

Director, Lead Producer

Client: Art Island ATX

Starry Heights | 2023

Director, Producer, Artist

Client: Sky Candy

Heaven & Hell New Year | Jan 1 2024

Director, Creative Producer

Client: The Coral Snake

Learning Tree of Light | 2021

Director, Producer, Fabricator

ClientL: Literati

Enter the Ember | 2021

Creative Producer

Client: PyroTex

Northwest Neighbors | 2019

A personal project weaving in storytelling, found film and interactive sounds. View the archive here.

Client: Personal Project

Glow Point | 2011

Fordham University Gallery

Senior Thesis; Install and showcasing of 100+ photos in installation format.

Client: Personal Project