Campaign: Watercolor Symptoms | Client: EverlyWell | Role: Painter, designer, concept
Production partner: video by Matthew Fultz

As the first creative hire at EverlyWell, it was my duty (and honor!) to build out a brand aesthetic and build out a brand book. One of the most iconic features of our brand from 2018-2019 was the watercolor elements. To build empathy and feel less sterile, I infused the brand with a handmade touch, representing symptoms as watercolors. You can see the full integration of these icons here. These elements helped us define a look and feel on our website, packaging, social media, and beyond.
In order to make our tests more relatable, I painted a library of over 100 unique icons to represent different medical symptoms. The icons live on the product pages of the websites and became a staple in the identity of the brand, from social media graphics to print collateral.
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