Campaign: New Years Solutions | Client: EverlyWell | Role: Creative Director, Script
Production partner: Harter Creative
It's no secret that New Years is a big time for sales, and we had big goals. My concept cast an EverlyWell at-home lab test as a New Years Solution, instead of another stressful resolution.  With help from our production partner, Harter Creative, the concept came to life with a streaming commercial.
The themed successfully carried over into social media and website campaigns. Our website got a branded takeover, including our hero homepage video featuring our New Years Solutions commercial and our email subscribe being solutions-themed. We received a 10x increase in opt-in when we offered 19% off by subscribing by email in exchange for a UGC "New Years Solution." 
From there we also spawned a social media campaign. In test kits purchased during our New Years sale, we included a branded post-it and encouraged our customers to write their solution and take a selfie and @ us, which helped propel the campaign and provide UGC for our social media feed.
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